Private Therapy Services

Local Families

Britt is located outside the Memphis, TN area and is available to help families in this surrounding area with home and community based therapy. She has worked with many families over the years and can help provide home based sensory and behavioral strategies, problem solve outings in the community, assist with school challenges and train parents on how to implement a Sensory Lifestyle for their specific child.

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"Simply put Britt will change the life of your child for the better. She has been with my family for two years now and she is a true blessing! Upon meeting Britt, we were skeptical that any type of intervention could really assist with some of the parental challenges that we were currently facing for we had seen it fail in the past; however, we were almost immediately proven wrong. She was able to win over the heart of our daughter (which is not an easy task) and start working with her (and us) where we needed it the most. Britt listened to my concerns regarding my daughter both in and out of school and then began her work. Throughout their sessions, I heard laughter, constant praising and progress, progress and more progress. The best choice that I ever made for my family was to make Britt a part of it. She is truly a gift."

Mother of a 5 year old

Out of Town Families

Britt is available to travel to your hometown to provide intensive based therapy for your child. She has worked with several families across the U.S. assisting with sensory and behavioral strategies in the home, supporting local based therapy services, traveling to the child’s school to help train and teach staff and more. In this intensive type of setting, Britt can work with your child for several days in a row working on all aspects of your daily lives where you need the most support. She is also available to set up continuing education for your child’s school, if needed, to train them on Sensory Processing Disorder, how to implement sensory strategies into the classroom, how to differentiate sensory vs. behaviors, therapeutic movement and mindfulness and more. Please contact Britt at for rates and availability. Some families have raised money or written grants to have Britt support their child in this type of setting or school trainings.

To book Britt for speaking engagements in your area please email:

“Having Britt travel to us for Intensive Occupational Therapy for the past 2 years was invaluable. She was able to help bridge a widening gap between our home and my son’s school. She was instrumental in helping open up communication lanes regarding what was working for our son and what wasn’t working at school. She helped create inexpensive sensory strategies the teacher and paraprofessional could use with our son and explained when it was appropriate to use them. She did so in a manner that was professional, friendly and non-threatening. Britt has been a beacon of hope for our family and we are grateful for all she has taught us over the past few years. We continue to look to her for advice and guidance on our Autism journey.”

Mother of a son with autism and SPD

Helpful Books and DVDS For Parents

Sensory Parenting Books

A child’s sensory system affects their ability to learn, play, socialize and function. Maybe a child isn’t able to sit still in class because his shirt tag is bothering him. Or a child isn’t able to play with other children because his balance is off. Maybe your child...


Sensory Parenting DVDS

Occupational therapist, Britt Collins, takes us through a host of activities of daily living (ADL's) with several children. Parents and caregivers often find themselves at a loss when children have difficulty adapting or adjusting to ADL's, such as - eating, dressing, bathing, bed-time, and...