OT for Children with Autism, special needs & Typical

OT for Children with Autism, special needs & Typical DVD

Our DVD's are visual tools for parents to learn about OT, Sensory Integration and Parenting. Britt shows how to regulate your kids and gives endless tips on how to manage at home and in the school. The chapter menus makes it easy to watch your child's problem areas over and over. Some parents have watched the DVD's together with their children before implementing the activities demonstrated. Other parents have taken their school DVD to their child's teach to discuss way to bring sensory activities into their child's classroom. Several Universities are using the DVD's in their classrooms to teach OT, PT and Nursing Students, and school districts are using the DVD's to train their aides.

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OT in the School

Britt Collins, creates a basis of understanding of how to adapt and facilitate school-based occupations, such as cutting, writing, and copying from the board for children who have... .

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OT in the home

Occupational therapist, Britt Collins, takes us through a host of activities of daily living (ADL's) with several children. Parents and caregivers often find themselves at a loss when children have...

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