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Jackie Linder Olson is the co-author of the book series Sensory Parenting, and author of The Waiting Pool and other books. Prior to Sensory Parenting, she created an award winning series of instructional occupational therapy and sensory integration DVDs with Britt Collins, OTR/L for parents, teachers and caregivers of special needs children. Please check out her books at www.jamililo.com

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Helpful Books and DVDS For Parents

Sensory Parenting Books

A child’s sensory system affects their ability to learn, play, socialize and function. Maybe a child isn’t able to sit still in class because his shirt tag is bothering him. Or a child isn’t able to play with other children because his balance is off and other kids make him feel unstable and dizzy. Beginning with the age of five, Britt and Jackie walk parents through...

OT for Children with Autism, special needs & Typical

Sensory Parenting DVDS

Our DVD's are visual tools for parents to learn about OT, Sensory Integration and Parenting. Britt shows how to regulate your kids and gives endless tips on how to manage at home and in the school. The chapter menus makes it easy to watch your child's problem areas over and over. Some parents have watched the DVD's together with their children